I have been building things for around 10 years now on. I find myself asking the question of “how can I make that better” roughly 100 times per day. My wife says it’s annoying, but this curiosity is really what has driven me to be able to build some of the things I have.

Here Are a Few of My Past Projects

Healthcare Billing Software

Reduced the workload of a hospital billing office by ~90% by automating portions of the billing process previously done by hand.

Container Management Software

Built a web interface and mobile apps for iOS and Android that were able to track storage containers across the United States. This software allowed the company to grow by ~50% after the first year of implementation.

Real Estate Analytics Software

Pulled together data from different counties to produce metrics to give better insight into where more housing units needed to be built. This was coupled with census.gov data as well.

Laboratory System Integration

Interfaced an online portal(That I built) with the actual hardware inside of multiple laboratories/clinics to automatically send results across to the physicians. Utilized SFTP file dumps with a listener on the folder for processing.

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