A mediocre developer…

  • MySQL Unique Index with NULL values

    I was working on a project recently that had to import multiple CSV files into a MySQL database. I was using Laravel and the Laravel-Excel package to try and accomplish this. I built the project out and realized that I was having some duplicate values show up even though I built a unique index based…

  • Use Multiple Versions of Node with Homebrew

    “It works on my machine”. I hate these words, but before I hear “containerization” I just want to keep things simple. Homebrew is great and simple. To start, we want to know what versions are on our system with Homebrew. The ones with green check marks will tell you what you have installed. I was…

  • Send a Test Email in Laravel

    Want to send a quick email to make sure your configurations and mailer are setup correctly? You can do this easily with Tinker. It’s that easy. No mailer templates needed.

I count myself as a mediocre developer, not a n00b but definitely not a pro.

You will catch me somewhere between “How to write HTML” and “The Philosophical Implications of Object Oriented Design in the Enterprise World for C++”

Sometimes, I don’t need to know 100% how something is working(I’m looking at you Flutter), I just need it to work.

Should building a CRUD application really make me consider chunking my computer across the room?

I will always be building something

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